Rice with mushrooms

SERVES ( 4 ) 250 g milk mushrooms; 250 g porcini mushrooms; 100 g stem-thin mushrooms; 4 tablespoons sautéed tomato and onion; 1 clove garlic, minced; 400 g rice
broth (vegetables, veal and chicken bones)
 oil, salt and pepper.

First, wash the mushrooms, slice the milk mushrooms and the porcini mushrooms and strim, only, the stem off the stem-thin mushrooms. (Mushrooms must be cut allowing their original shape to be recognized: porcini mushrooms into slices parallel to their stem and milk mushrooms into radial slices).Heat the oil in a frying-pan and fry the mushrooms until cooked through. Then add the clove garlic and the sautéed tomato and onion you prepared in advance (for a tasty rice, the sautéed tomato and onion must have a texture like that of jam). Add the rice to the frying-pan and stir, and then add the broth, boiling hot.

Add salt to taste and sprinkle with pepper (two turns of pepper-mill). Broth quantity and cooking time always depend on the quality of the rice you use. Cook until the liquid evaporates, like a paella.