Full portion / Half portion

Catalan style toasted bread 4.50
Iberian cured ham 100% acorn  29.00 / 21.00
Chicken and ham croquettes (each)  3.50
Mushrooms croquettes (each) 3.50
Cod dumplings 16.00 / 10.00
Anchovy fillets with toasted bread (each)
“Nature” smoked salmon with honey vinaigrette 16.00
Our tuna salad. “Ensaladilla rusa”  14.00
Shrimps (100g) 26.00
Clams “fina de Carril”  (100g) 17.00


Tomatoes salad with spring onion and olives 14.50
Toast with “escalivada” and sardine 12.50
Pig’s trotters carpaccio 12.50
Macaroni with “moixernons” mushrooms 12.50
Mashed potato with fried egg and summer truffle 12.50
Tomato soup with gorgonzola ice cream 16.50
“Esqueixada”. Cod salad 18.50
Poached egg on potato biscuit and morel sauce 19.50
Hummus with octopus 17.50
Clam casserole with beans 30.00
3 fish tartare. Sea bass and shrimp, tuna fish and salmon 30.00


Rice and noodles dishes

Rice with sea cucumbers and artichokes 36.00
Rice with shrimp 46.00
Noodles “fideus rossos” with clams 24.00


Codfish with garlic muslin 26.00
Stewed cuttlefish with potatoes and peas 24.00
Charcoal grilled salmon and scallop skewer 24.00
Marinated and undercooked tuna 28.00
Sea bass with onion tart and candied tomato 38.00
Charcoal grilled wild turbot with vegetables 38.00
Fish baked, baked on salt or charcoal grilled
with potatoes and onion or with vegetables s/m


Veal matured entrecote grilled and filleted 24.00
Oxtail with mashed potatoes 24.00
Charcoal grilled Iberian pork (secreto) with vegetables 28.00
Roasted lamb with eggplant 30.00
Charcoal veal fillet with charcoal grilled vegetables 33.00
Steak tartar with mascarpone and mustard cream 30.00



Pineapple infusion with coconut sorbet  9.50
Yogurt cream with tangerine sorbet
Coconut ice cream with bitter orange sauce 8.25
Hazelnut ice cream with meringue gratin 8.25
Catalan custard cream 8.25
Massini 9.90
Sacher. Chocolate biscuit and chocolate cream  9.90
Chocolate in six textures 10.45
Baba with rum and cream ice cream 10.45
Apple cake with vanilla ice-cream 10.45

Sweet wines

Moscatell Ochoa (Navarra) 4.50
Pedro Ximenez Alvear (Montilla Moriles) 4.50
Par. Vino de naranja (Condado de Huelva) 5.50
Vi de gel Gramona. Riesling 7.50
Vi de gel Gramona. Gewürstraminer 7.50
Tokaji. Chateau Drerezsla. Furmint 5.50
Tokaji. Chateau Derezsla. 5 Puttonyos 9.00
Porto. Niepoort 10 years 8.50
Porto Niepoort 20 years 11.00