Pullet filled with seasonal fruits

INGREDIENTS (for 8 people) 1 poularde of 2 kg; ½ natural pineapple; 2 pears; 2 apples (1 pippin, 1 Starkey); 30 grape seeds; 24 pitted plums; 50 g of raisins; 18 dried apricots; 1 cinnamon stick; 3 thin slices of bacon; 40 g of butter; juice of ½ lemon; oil, pepper and salt

Clean the pularda and leave it, salted and pebrated, ready to fill.

Take the apples and pears, and bake them with 40 grams of butter and the juice of half a lemon until everything is soft. Mix this in a bowl with the pineapple cut into pieces, the plums (previously softened with cognac), the dried apricots, the raisins and the grapes.

Fill the pularda with the cinnamon opened in half and the mixed fruit. Tie it with the bacon on the breast.

Put in the oven (180 degrees) in a tall casserole of its size with a splash of oil. Brown for 30 minutes on each side and 60 minutes (approx.) more, the other way around. During cooking, moisten with its juice. Five minutes before removing it from the oven, add half a cup of coffee with anise and ½ of cognac. Serve with the juice itself and with the fruit on the side.

Pullet filled with seasonal fruits