Prawn tartar with Sevruga Caviar

SERVES ( 4 ) 500 g shelled prawn tails; tablespoon minced shallot; 1 tablespoon minced pickles; 1 tablespoon minced capers; 4 tablespoons first-pressed olive oil; 2 tablespoons lemon juice; 4 red tomatoes; 4 tablespoons Sevruga caviar

To prepare this dish we only need the prawn tails, reserve their heads to make a soup or a sauce.

First, shell the prawns and remove the brown strip (their digestive apparatus). Then mince into very small pieces using a knife, in a mincer it would not be properly minced. Once they are minced, season with salt and add the capers, pickles and the shallot you macerated in vinegar for an hour (before adding it, drain well).

Add the oil and mix together. Skin the tomatoes and once seeds are removed, cut into small squares and season with salt, oil and lemon juice.

Serve in individual dishes, the tartar in the middle of the dish surrounded by the tomato, and if you wish to put the finishing touch, top with a tablespoon of caviar.

Prawn tartar with Sevruga Caviar