A landscaped oasis

If elegance were a color, it would be an attractive red, not cloying, and with splashes of light that highlight each characteristic shot of its refinement. Like the Roig Robí, a restaurant in Gràcia with a tradition of almost thirty years that, located in a small narrow street of the neighborhood, has earned a reputed prestige thanks to its cuisine and good service in the dining room. Mercè Navarro and Joan Crosas, the restaurant's main managers, offer to their menu the best products of each season: the freshest fish and seafood, veal with DO Pyrenees, lamb from Valle de Esgueva and Iberian suckling pig from Huelva, together with truffles, mushrooms and asparagus that they buy directly from the producer.

The garden of a tower - one of those that Mercè Rodoreda made us imagine - is the hallmark of Roig Robí and turns the restaurant into a luminous space, enlarging even more its rooms, which at the same time can become private and more intimate thanks to a set of transparent doors. The head chef, David Sansegundo, is in charge of marrying this comfort with the highest comfort with the highest level of gastronomy, heir to the traditional cuisine of our house.
The rice with espadrilles and artichokes, the baked fish of the day with potatoes and onions and, in season, the mashed potatoes with poached egg and truffle are some of the dishes that the clientele of the Roig Rubí especially values. Some dishes from the traditional recipe book, such as meatballs with artichokes or pig's trotters with turnips, coexist with marinated tuna “escabeche” and wild partridge with cabbage and black pudding, among other succulent dishes. Its wine cellar stands out for the wide presence of Catalan wines and for an extensive representation of DOs from all over Spain. Recently it has been awarded as the second best wine list of restaurants in Catalonia in the contest “Cartas de Vins dels Restaurants de Catalunya 2010-Cartaví”.


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