Carmen Casas


Nature’s final explosion occurs in autumn, when, if the sun and the rain have managed to work together in equal harmony, the meadows and woods bring us the most prized of all the fruits they have to offer: mushrooms, the desire of those palates most sensitive to the change in nature’s seasons.

So, once the baroque-style fruits of Christmas have been digested, we must await the arrival of spring to enjoy once more the immediate flavours of fresh produce. For the time being, however, Mercè and Imma are taking out their cooking pots and putting water to boil, in readiness for the rising up of that mythical mystery of the depths of the earth that will adorn once again tables of the special gathering: the winter truffle, black diamond and emblematic joker used by chefs and cooks alike who (both only too aware of its inviting aroma and mysterious texture, and also respectful of the essential soft snap that is heard when epicures bite into its brassy flesh) allow their imagination to run wild and use its magic to create a festival for the five senses, a veritable harmonic experience.

This miracle will be taking place at Roig Robí, for the whole of the normally gloomy month of February.