Restaurant with garden at Barcelona
Since 1982

Restaurant with garden at Barcelona

After more than 42 years of running our restaurant on a day-to-day basis, we can clearly say it has become a classic in Barcelona. We believe our cuisine is honest. We draw on the flavours of traditional Catalan cuisine, enhancing and adapting it to suit modern tastes. 

Searching for the best fresh seasonal produces is a task of great importance to us: the freshest fish and seafood are delivered to us twice a day, we purchase veal with a Denomination of Origin from the Pyrenees, our lamb comes from the Esgueva valley, the Iberian suckling pig from Huelva, and truffle, mushrooms and asparagus are just some of the products we purchase directly from the pickers or producers themselves. Our restaurant has undergone continuous improvement in order to offer customers a setting that emanates warmth, comfort and elegance.

Our indoor garden terrace unquestionably constitutes an oasis right in the heart of Barcelona, just minutes from La Pedrera.

Roig Robi

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Give the experience of taste, comfort and elegance ofa  meal in our restaurant. Please contact us for information and reservations.

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Cooking must be done with love and honesty

Mercè Navarro
Founder and alma mater

Roig Robí